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The Sunless Tanning Process:

With sunless tanning there are important steps to take both before and after the tanning process.  Sunless tanning solutions work within the stratum corneum layer of the Epidermis, which is made up of many thin layers and is gradually, but completely replaced by your body about every 27 days.  Each day some of these layers are shed naturally through bathing, rubbing against clothing and physical activity. 

The Basic Steps

  • SHAVE AND EXFOLIATE: WHY? Prior to tanning you should shave and exfoliate to remove hair and outer layers of the skin that are ready to be lost anyway. You should shave at least 6 hours before tanning to reduce the possibility of irritation.  Excessively dry or thick layers of skin within the stratum corneum can absorb the tanning solution disproportionately from properly moisturized areas and can cause variations in the tanning results such as darker or lighters areas. 
  • DO NOT apply lotions, deodorant or anything else that can interfere with the tanning solution.  Skin lotions and body oils actually act as a barrier and prevent sunless tanning solutions from developing a tan.

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  • At your tanning session, apply barrier cream to elbows, knees, fingernails and palms to prevent excessive tanning.
  • Respect for your personal privacy is very important to us at Tandango. If you're inclined to wear something during tanning and aren't concerned with tan lines, we suggest you can wear an old dark bathing suit because the tanning solution may stain some materials. We also have disposable undergarments available in a variety of styles.
  • After tanning do not shower, swim, sweat or wash off the tanning solution for SIX HOURS.  We recommend you wear old loose fitting dark clothing to prevent the solution from being worn off, which can cause an uneven tan or lines.  Cotton material is recommended because it does not absorb the color from the solution. Many prefer to tan in the evening and relax or sleep through their six hours.
  • After tanning - Any activity that causes your body to lose layers of skin will cause your tan to fade.  Long hot baths or soaking in water will loosen dead skin cells, excessive physical activity will wear away skin cells and dry skin will be shed faster than properly moisturized skin.  The longer you can keep your tanned skin properly moisturized, the longer your tan will last, so apply a good moisturizer daily. Use a high SPF waterproof sunscreen while swimming to protect your skin, prevent unwanted tan lines and resist the chlorinated water’s affect of bleaching out your sunless tanned skin. 

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Sunless Tanning Process

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When I ask people if they have tried Sunless Tanning, many of them say "Yes, but it didn't last very long and I don't want to spend on that if it only last a couple of days."

My very next question is, "Did you exfoliate before you went?" Most will say, "No." A few said they did, but it was early that morning, the night before or the day before.

What isn't understood is that old skin they choose not to remove by exfoliation is the equivalent of old peeling paint on a house. No professional painter would attempt to paint it without removing the old paint first. Simply because they know the new paint won't last. It is the same with sunless tanning, so why bring me something to tan that is going to fall off your body this evening, tomorrow or the next day? It's not surprising their tan only lasted a few days. Remember, it's not how long the tan stays on your body, it's how long the skin we tan stays on your body.  Keeping your skin properly moisturized prevents the outer layer from drying out and rapidly coming off through natural exfoliation.

Your Tandango Sunless Tan should last seven days when properly applied and maintained, which means exfoliation prior to tanning. We want you to wear that beautiful tan the full seven days. It's our goal to make your tan the best sunless tan you can get. The Tandango Difference is designed to give you the advantage of exfoliating and removing body oils and salts just prior to tanning, which puts your skin in the best condition for applying the solution and gives you the maximum duration for your tan.